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March 15, 2023

Living Plants bring natural beauty to events and commercial spaces.

At your event Living Plants bring Ambiance.


Ficus, benjamina in Estate Planters with Mini or Up Lights and Boston Ferns create natural elegance.


Palms to say Miami, Japan, Mexico, The Beach, Brazil, or Official Business Meeting.


Row of Spathphyllum or Palms create Natural Walls at Bar\Bat Mitvahs, Weddings, Holy Days.


Leyland Cypress, Cacti and Succulents shout out Southwest or Boho Western.


Live Oaks, Eagleston Hollies with Nandina and Sage define an Elegant Ranch.


Magnolias and Live Oaks with Spanish Moss trailing from their branches proclaim a southern theme be it magnificent mansion or Louisiana Bayou.


A Forest of all of the above creates An Enchanted Garden or add Topiaries to create A Secret Garden.


Fresh and Artificial Christmas Trees are the stuff of Winter Wonderlands.

In your office and home Living Plants bring ...


Improved air quality: Plants help to purify the air by removing toxins and pollutants, such as formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethylene. This creates a healthier indoor environment for employees and can also help to reduce the symptoms of conditions such as asthma.


Increased productivity: Studies have shown that having plants in the workplace helps increase productivity and focus. This may be due to the calming effect that plants have on people, which can help to reduce stress and improve mental clarity.


Enhanced aesthetics: Plants add a touch of natural beauty to an office space, making it feel more welcoming and comfortable. This can help to create a more pleasant work environment, which can in turn improve employee satisfaction and retention.


Noise reduction: Plants also help to absorb sound and reduce noise levels in the office. This can be especially helpful for concentration.Click this text to start editing. This blog block is a great way to share informational entries with your visitors. You can click the green +/- button to add new entries.

Our First Blog Entry

February 6, 2023

                           How to bring Beautiful Living Plants To Your Special Event

My son, Ben says "Dad loved gathering this information from customers. He made them feel all warm and fuzzy." 

 Of course, our son doesn't remember they were twenty-thirty minute conversations and Dad took the worst notes, EVER. On legal pads. Pages and pages of legal pads. He did this because I had questions that needed to be answered before I could create a coherent proposal.

Sadly, nowadays, people don't seem to have time for a twenty minute conversation. They will, however, happily create 20+ emails and/or texts gathering bits and pieces of information. So, to better help you with your event, I need you to view the Plant Rental Gallery for basic inspirations\ideas, see what we've done and plan your dream. 

Also, if your event is within the next two months, check the Inventory Page for current availability . We can order almost any long-term dream, but near future dreams are sometimes "iffy" outside of current inventory because of Current Availability From Florida\California\Hawaii, Freight, and Freezes!

Then, review my questions (I have questions, lots of questions to do my job well). 

This is the information Ken was genius at getting because he knew I'd yell if he didn't complete at least the first seven so I printed this list for him.T

he first seven questions are....

1. What is your Name, Phone Number, E-Mail, Company Name, if applicable?

2. What is type of the event? Corporate? Wedding? Birthday Party? Shower? Christmas? Fundraiser? Other?

3. When is the event? Including set and strike times, if you have them already? Estimated is okay.

4. Where is the event and who is my contact? This tells me what the load in/out will be.

5. What Mood\ Concept are we creating?

            Do you see Elegant Ficus, benjamina in Planters with Lights and Boston Ferns?

            A Miami Entrance or Tropical Jungle? 

            Simple Row of Spathphyllum or Palms s for a Birtday Party? 

             Are we creating an Elegant Ranch with Oaks and Sage? 

             Boho Western with Sage and Cacti? 

             An Enchanted Garden? 

            Or surprise me with your personal, magical dream? 

 7. What are we dressing? Entry? Stage? Bar? Photo Op? Altar? Sign In Table? Buffet?

8. Do you have a budget in mind? Keep in mind our Basic Delivery, Set, and, Strike during Normal Business Hours is $150. Late night and week ends, Add $150.00.

The next four questions can be answered later, but help me envision what items your event needs. 

Do you need White or Black, Traditional or Natural Planters\Containers?

What Colors are you using?

What Flowers, if any? 

What Fabrics? 

Do you have a Floor Plan? I love floor plans. 

It seems like a lot, but imagine an email or text (or two) for each question. This is the beginning of creating your personal dream event. 

Loving what we do, Kate


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