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Plant Maintenance

The sheetrock paneling, paint, carpet, flooring glues, and insulation used in commercial buildings  release toxins, such as benzene, formaldehyde, and carbon monoxide.

These gases attack our eyes and respiratory systems resulting in sick days stressing company productivity.

Current research says live plants filter out dangerous toxins harmful to human beings.

In grade school, we learned plants exchange carbon monoxide for oxygen and oxygen helps us breathe and improves our mood.

Plants  reduce noise pollution. Plantings along freeways reduce the noise distributed to adjacent communities. Plants reduce unwanted noise inside buildings simply by absorbing sounds like any building furnishing.

Human beings need green living nature. The beauty of a living plant relaxes the mind.

Plants define a professional space, naturally.

Live plants add:

A Healthier Workplace

Fresh Oxygen

Sound Absorption

Stress Relief

Improved Mood



Ficus, benjamina (Weeping Fig) surrounded by garden of Varigated Sanseveria (Mother-in-law's Tongue) and Bromeliads add natural elegance to this two-story lobby.

Ficus, lyrata (Fiddle-leaf Fig) 

Ficus, lyrata (Fiddle-leaf Fig) surrounded by Beaucarnea recurvata (Ponytail Palms) and Bromeliads.

Howeiia Fosteriana 

(Kentia Palm)

Howeiia Fosteriana (Kentia Palm) surrounded by Agleonaema (Chinese Evergreen) and Bromeliads.

Pandanus spiralis (Australian Screw Pine)

Pandanus spiralis (Australian Screw Pine) surrounded by Arboriacola Scheffelera (Umbrella Plant), 

varigata and Bromeliads.

Ficus, alii (Ficus Amstel King)

Ficus, alii (Ficus Amstel King) surrounded by garden of Varigated Sanseveria (Mother-in-law's Tongue) and Bromeliads

Ficus, benjamina (Weeping Fig)

Hotel Lobby features Ficus, benjamina (Weeping Fig) with assorted blooming and tropical garden.

Sanseveria, laurentii 

(Mother-in-Law's Tongue

Sanseveria, laurentii 

(Mother-in-Law's Tongue) in dramatic Cylinder.

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